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Calm | Relax & Soothing With Night Tea

Night Tea is a blend of green tea with Chamomile, Moringa, Ashwagandha, Brahmi. OMC Night Tea or Stress relief tea consists of a blend of dried chamomile flowers. Night tea doesn’t have any artificial ingredients it is a 100% natural tea for stress control, calming up the nerves, and in mind relaxation. OMC Night Tea or Stress Relief Tea helps us to relax instantly just because of the ingredient present in it i.e. Chamomile.

The night tea has a 4 basic benefits from which a person needs to run against these diseases in this growing scenario - fights anxiety, curbs insomnia, prevents aging, and helps with skin glow. Having sweet in taste, OMC Night or Stress Relief tea also helps to fight against infections and maintain cholesterol in our body.

Disclaimer -: Start taking herbal tea now and cure diseases. This post is for your information only. To consume the quantity of the product, pay attention to the company's Guidelines and doctor's advice.

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