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OMC Organic Buy 1 Organic Moringa Tea(40gm) get 1 Herbal Tea Box free(25 Tea Bags) Moringa Tea leaves release an abundance of nutrients and antioxidants into the hot water, creating a refreshing and flavourful tea, full of beneficial compounds that promote energy and wellness. OMC Organic Herbal Tea Bags (Each Box Contains 25 Tea Bags) | Organic Herbal Tea | Herbal Tea for Immunity | Natural Organic Herbal Tea Caffeine-Free.

OMC Organic Buy 1 Organic Moringa Tea(40gm) get 1 Herbal Tea Box (25 Tea Bags)

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  • Moringa leaves are rich in amino acids, the building blocks of proteins.

    Herbal Tea Sea buckthorn - treat obesity, improve eyesight.

    Apart from oats, flaxseeds, and almonds, moringa leaves are a dependable remedy against high cholesterol.

    Herbal Rose petals - help to reduce dysmenorrhea, reduce mensuration pain.

    Uses For As a Immunity Booster, improve eyesight, Stay Healthy Caffeine Free

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