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OMC Organic Fennel Seeds (100 gm) fennel seeds are being used across the globe, abundantly. The essential oils present in it lend a unique flavour to the spice. In terms of health benefits, Fennel seeds which are prepared from the finest seeds can cure many digestive problems. Some of them include heartburn, intestinal gas, bloating, etc.

OMC Natural Fennel Seeds (100gm Pack) | Whole Fennel Seeds | Green Saunf

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₹129.00Sale Price
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    • Fennel Seeds maintain a healthy heart.A good source of fibre as well as heart-friendly nutrients like potassium and folate
    • Fennel seeds dominate most of the cooking preparations to bring out the pronounced and refreshing flavours
    • Fennel Sedds flavourful,crunchy Saunf has a refreshing aroma and strong flavour
    • Add them to your delicious food recipes or eat them as snacks to infuse a punch of flavor without compromising on your health


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