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OMC Organic Buy 1 Kahwa Masala Tea (25 Tea Bags) Kahwa Green Tea helps with purification and is also great for lowering cholesterol levels. Ginger helps in improving digestion and increasing absorption of food. It also help reduces inflammation and help improve blood circulation & Get Nettle Leaf Tea(20gm) & Herbal Tea free(20gm) free Nettle leaf tea is derived from the leaves of the common nettle plant, also known as the stinging nettle. The scientific name for this plant is Urtica Dioica & Organic Herbal Tea | Organic Herbal Tea | Herbal Tea for Immunity | Natural Organic Herbal Tea Caffeine-Free.

Buy 1 Masala Kahwa Tea & Get Herbal Tea (20gm) & Nettle Leaf (20gm) Free

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    • Improving digestion and increasing absorption of food
    • Reduces inflammation
    • Help to improve blood circulation.
    • Natural Body Cleanse & Immunity Booster
    • Nettle Leaf Tea May reduce inflammation. May treat hay fever.
    • Herbal Tea Sea buckthorn - treat obesity, improve eyesight.
    • Stinging nettle's leaves and root provide a wide variety of nutrients.
    • Herbal Rose petals - help to reduce dysmenorrhea, reduce mensuration pain.
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